We have automated the municipal building inspection solutions to help with efficiency, saving you money by reducing time in the field and in the office.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Is InspectWIz Wisconsin ACT 211 Compliant?

Yes, were one of the pioneers in developing the API with the state of WI. Each new 1&2 family dwelling can uploaded to the state in a matter of seconds.

Does InspectWIz work with any computer?

 Yes, InspectWIz is a cloud based software platform and cross platform compatible. You can use any computer and any internet browser to access your secure and private application. We encourage iPad’s, but any tablet or Laptop will work.

What is included in your solution?

We provide a unique secure user credentials to each office we set up. Each user has a license and a unique login id. Included in our solution is our sorted and searchable residential building codes, your selected county GIS data, and state licensed contractor information.

Is our data backed up?

Yes, we have hourly and daily backups of all our customers.

Can we customize it for our office?

Yes, we have our detailed monthly report for your office but can customize specific reports for you. We understand each office is different so we can work with you to provide additional reports at an added fee. Our reports can be used for municipality specific electronic uploads.

More to come…