What We Do

Work Smarter, Save Time and Money!

  • Saves time, money, and eliminates errors and reduces workload back in the office
  • Works as both a residential and a commercial building inspection software
  • Permit management from start to finish – Permit history
  • Create Reports of noncompliance right on the job site & email the contractor or permit holder, with photos and videos stored within the inspection history
  • INCLUDES searchable and sorted WI RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CODES database, so citing code violations are QUICK, EASY & ACCURATE!
  • ICC code compliant. Simply add common commercial codes for you office.
  • Track violations for code infractions, and contractor history with our Trend Analysis reports
  • All your information in one place and backed up.
  • Cloud based – No major software upgrades needed
  • Less paperwork time involved
  • Lower IT support costs
  • WIsconsin ACT 211 Compliant

Online Permit Application synchronizes with your office. Our Online permit application process works seamlessly with your office permit functions. Homeowners and Contractors can fill out the form using the supplied property information, contractor information, upload building or project plans and submit it to your office for review.

Enhanced Data Precision. InspectWIz is smart. Your custom reports are able to identify and record code violations with our searchable and sorted Wisconsin Residential Building Codes.

True Mobility. Our InspectWIz mobile software application is Cross Platform Compatible – Apple IOS, Droid and Windows compatible.

Total Flexibility. Every InspectWiz mobile solution can be uniquely customized to your needs.

Real Time Connectivity. Inspection reports can be submitted by email to anyone including, contractors, homeowners, bankers, and your front office directly from the field, in real time with any WI-FI or data network.

Advanced Data Collection.  Complete permit inspection history and trend reporting accessible by your entire team. Each property you inspect is unique by address and Parcel Identification that has a history of all inspections and violations.

Business Agility. Inspection requirements change.  InspectWIz mobile solution changes are seamless and can be updated quickly and easily.  All changes are pushed immediately to your account, assuring everyone is using the latest version.

Mobile-Desktop Collaboration. InspectWIz  Inspection software runs on your office desktop and is synchronized with all your mobile devices.

Customizable to your individual, office, municipal or city needs!