How It Works

Building Inspection Software

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1) Purchase the building inspection software license

2) Receive assigned & secure login credentials

3) Login into your portal and start planning your day


~ Inspectors just need to login to the program on their PC, Laptop, iPad, or mobile device, select a location to inspect, and head out to the work site.

~ Tap the touch screen to click items that meet your approval, use your device to take photos of problems, and jot down comments or notes about flaws that fail to meet code.

~ Identify and record code violations with our searchable and sorted Wisconsin Residential Building Codes

~ Create a list of common violations or approval conditions for easier and faster entry.

~ Once the inspection is done, InspecWIz combines all the data into a concise report that can be emailed from anywhere to anyone and uploads it to the cloud, where it’s neatly filed away and easy to find. 

~ No more paper, no more typing up notes, no more missing files. It’s all taken care of by one powerful building inspection solution that works on any device and SIMPLE to use.


Your local contractors and homeowners can easily create building permits with our online permit application form and have it sent directly to your office for review. Upon approval the permit becomes a real-time document within your office solution. Each permit holder can view the progress and follow with each of the inspections performed vial our emailed reporting system.

Upon purchase, our support team will assist with setup and work with you to identify your area, download a specific County GIS property data and Licensed Contractor information from the state.  We will ensure proper setup of administrative security and functionality of entire office staff.


Home page of the Building Inspection Solution 



building inspection software home screen


The Online Permit Process




 Mobile Phone Screen

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