Why Us

Choose our InspectWiz Building Inspection software not because we work, but because we work the best and we stand behind that promise.

InspectWiz Building Inspection Software allows you to perform inspections on any laptop or mobile device.

  • Easily create your daily, weekly and monthly schedule
  • Manage permits.
  • Capture and upload photos.
  • Identify and record code violations with our searchable and sorted Wisconsin Residential Building Codes
  • Add comments and notes & create a favorites or most used list.
  • Email reports to all parties involved.
  • Wisconsin ACT 211 compliant. Search, sort and send monthly report directly to the State of WI DSPS.


Work smarter and save time!

  • Saves money, eliminates errors and reduces workload.
  • Cloud Based.
  • Create Reports of non-compliance right on the jobsite, email to the contractor with photos and videos stored within the inspection history.
  • All your information in one place and backed up.
  • Customizable to your needs.
  • All workstations are synchronized.
  • Save on IT infrastructure
  • Tax deductible
  • Track violations for contractors with trend analysis reports.


Manage permits from start to finish.

We have automated the building inspection process to help with efficiency, saving you money by reducing time in the field and in the office. Our inspection software is Cross Platform Compatible and works on ANY Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to conduct building inspections anywhere your job site is located.

View your daily, weekly and monthly schedule and navigate to your job sites with our built in Google maps to save you drive time.

Use our searchable and sorted Residential Building Code database to find violations in a quick & easy. Create reports with a press of a button and send them to anyone from your location.

Residential and Commercial permitting.

Using our InspectWiz Building Inspection Solution will allow you to perform inspections with your desired technology to:

  • Manage building permits
  • Schedule inspections
  • Locate directions to the property
  • Capture and upload photos
  • Identify and record WI Residential Building Code violations
  • Add comments and notes
  • Email all parties involved

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